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Safer Drains, Safer Patients

Protect patients from self-harm with specially engineered, ligature resistant shower drains from Tower Industries.

Reduce the risk of self-harm

When designing bathrooms for behavioral health patients and other vulnerable populations, it’s critical to take safety and prevention into account. Even with the most diligent supervision, injury or loss of life can occur, and bathrooms are often the number-one location for these incidents.

Ligature resistant drains: Part of an all in one safety solution

Shower Drains

Tower Industries can help you create safer spaces for patients with our specially engineered ligature resistant drains, featuring a tamper-proof design, seamless integration, and precision fabrication.

When combined with durable and hygienic solid-surface showers, these drains form an all-in-one safety solution, especially when compared to traditional tile surrounds and drains. The drain design eliminates potential tie-offs and hinge points, while the solid surface prohibits chipping and breaking. The smooth, hygienic, anti-microbial shower surface promotes easy cleaning, too.

Plus, you don’t need to sacrifice efficiency when you choose a ligature resistant drain. Our drains can fit easily into existing showers and discharge up to 5 gallons per minute, preventing standing water.

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Ligature resistant drains from Tower Industries help you create safer spaces anywhere self-harm is a concern. Download our e-book to find out how you can protect patient safety while maintaining privacy, efficiency, and functional flow.