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Benefits of Our Hospitality & Hotel Shower Wall Panels

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From no-frills to cushy, cramped to roomy,
a hotel bathroom can be an oasis or an eyesore.

The reputation of a hotel can live or die on its bathrooms.  It’s considered an indicator of how upscale, current and clean a hotel is, an extension of its identity.  Regardless of how your rooms are currently set up, we can design around your current layout, or offer up whatever your design team envisions.  We can help you keep up. See Our Solid Surface Shower Bases.

Hospitality shower solutions

Meridian®️️ Solid Surface are safer and more sanitary than tile. See how we design our shower products to protect clients from fungus, parasites, bacteria, slipping and falling.

Ligature Resistant Drain Covers

Safer showers mean safer patients: Learn how

Ligature-Resistant Shower Drains from Tower feature a patented design that protects patients in behavioral health facilities.

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The benefits of solid surface

Our solid surface showers are NSF certified, approved by The Center for Health Design and manufactured with pride in Massillon, Ohio.

More Sanitary

Because they are built without seams or grout lines, solid surface showers are easier to clean and maintain.


Solid surface is a homogenous material, so bacteria, mold and mildew have no place to take hold in your health care facility.

Easy to Design

Solid surface shower bases can be created with custom designs that will fit any new or existing bathroom layout.

Renewable Surface

When the shower inevitably gets scratched, you won't need to replace it. Wear and tear can be easily buffed away with sandpaper.

Talk to a solid surface specialist

Meridian®️️ Solid Surface Showers from Tower Industries are completely tailored to your needs, so whether you need standard sizes for new health care facilities or you're looking for something more custom, reach out to discuss your project with a member of our team.