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Meridian® Solid Surface Wall Panels

Meridian®️ Solid Surface wall panels by Tower Industries are designed to create an all-in-one shower solution when combined with our Meridian®️ solid surface shower pan. Our shower wall panels are NSF certified and available in a range of colors and granite patterns that coordinate with our shower pan.

We offer shower solid surface wall panels in several thicknesses so you can customize your shower project. We also provide a number of Meridian®️ solid surface shower accessories so you can further tailor your shower solution to your exact needs.

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The Meridian®️ Solid Surface Advantage

Meridian® Solid Surface provides a durable and custom fit solution for your space. Our wall panels are available in solid and etched tile patterns. Slide over the image below to discover the advantages you get when you choose a solid surface product over traditional tiled surfaces.
Traditional Tile Issues
Meridian Shower Advantages

Available Patterns

We’re proud to offer Meridian® Solid Surface products in 18 colors and 2 textures. Meridian® Solid Surface is available in a new tile pattern, offering the look of traditional tile without the high installation and maintenance costs. Save time and money when you choose Meridian® Solid Surface products as an elevated tile alternative.

Available Colors

Granite Colors
aurora-color aberdeen Corinth_D fillory-color linen-color onias-color pathos-color playa-color polarice-color Tamarind-color
Solid Colors
bisque-color bone-color daybreak-color designer-color frost-color nubuck-color vanilla-color vellum-color

Need help finding the right shower wall panel or pan?

Our Meridian®️ Solid Surface products are American-made and non-porous. They resist mold, mildew, and stains and do not support the growth of harmful bacteria. Our solid surface wall panels come in a variety of solid and granite-patterned colors, as well as a flat or tile-pattern in a standard matte finish. Our Meridian® solid surface wall panels and related Meridian® products are excellent for a variety of commercial, institutional, military, healthcare, multi-family, public housing and higher education applications.