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Durable Solid Surface Showers for Residence Hall Remodel and Construction Projects

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Attractive, easy-clean solid surface
shower products are ideal for college
and university housing

Solid surface showers and accessories are smart choices when renovating residence halls or completing new construction projects. Long lasting, microbe resistant shower bases, vanities and wall panels from Tower Industries ensure years of use, saving you time and money.

The advantages of solid surface showers

Tower Industries offers an array of options and customizations to suit your needs, no matter the size or age of your building. And our commitment to on-time delivery keeps your project on schedule, so students always have a room ready when they need it.


Resilient and strong, our solid surface showers are extra tough, resulting in long term maintenance cost savings.


The nonporous surface wipes clean easily and inhibits mold and mildew growth.


Custom designs can be configured to any space, even difficult angles and non-standard sizes.

Long Lasting

Get years of use out of residence hall showers with the timeless design of this hard-wearing material.

Talk to the team at Tower Industries

Whether you’re renovating a university living space or building a new residence hall, let the experts at Tower ensure you get the best results. Contact us today to discuss your project.