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Tower Industries Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface Colors

What is Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface?

All Tower Industries' Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface products are made from a non-porous, homogeneous blend of polyester and acrylic resins and natural mineral fillers. There are no surface coatings to disrupt or damage because Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface is composed of the same polymer blend from front to back and from top to bottom. The unique characteristics of Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface result in a product that is completely non-porous and resistant to most household chemicals, so stains and liquids don’t soak in. The non-porous nature of Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface also provides an all-important health benefit; it will not promote the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew.

Tower Industries stands behind every Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface commercial product with a rock-solid warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Available Colors

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Solid Colors


Granite Pattern Colors