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Quality solid surface products for commercial applications.
Our solid surface shower bases, walls, vanities and toilet partitions are made in America from true solid surface materials.

Whether you’re designing a new commercial space or renovating, Tower Industries is your trusted solid surface manufacturer of commercial showers, wall panels, toilet partitions and accessories. We work closely with architects, contractors, designers, and builders to create custom-fabricated products to fit your specific needs.

When it comes to industrial showers, the surface matters.

While other companies may claim to offer solid surface materials, Tower Industries provides standard bases that are one-piece cast units, custom bases, custom made walls and accessories that are truly solid.

Markets Served

In more than 25 years, we've never kept a student, patient or member of the military out of a room.

See how we meet the daily challenges of universities, health care facilities, military housing and other institutional and commercial applications.

Higher education

Solid surface showers are easy to install, clean, and maintain, so they are ideal for the high demands of college and university bathrooms.

See higher education solutions

Health care

Protect patients from fungus, parasites, bacteria, slipping or falling with shower products that are safer and more sanitary than tile.

See health care solutions

Military and government

Shower products from Tower Industries are solid to the core and built to withstand a lifetime of wear in bases and military housing.

See military solutions

"We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it, for the price we say we are going to do it for."

- Todd Werstler, President

Why choose solid surface?

Compared to other leading shower materials, Tower Industries Solid Surface from Tower Industries provides unmatched ease, durability and performance.

Made to order

Quick Installation

Solid and sanitary

Easy to clean

Virtually indestructible

Simple maintenance

Made in the USA

Free of VOCs


Learn about the sanitary benefits of solid surface versus tile


See how Tower Industries Solid Surface holds up to extreme wear


Compared to other leading materials, solid surface is easy to install, clean and maintain

Partner with Tower Industries

Reach out to an experienced member of our team to find the solid surface solution to meet your application's needs. With timely turnarounds, versatility and a commitment to customer success, we've earned a longstanding reputation for excellence.