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Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface for Contractors

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Why Contractors Choose Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface

We help builders get the job done right the first time. When it comes to solid surface materials, Meridian®️️️️ is a brand on which you can build your reputation – and your business.


Build your reputation on a brand like Meridian®️️️️, with long-lasting and durable solid surfaces.


Save time and labor costs when you choose to install Meridian®️ Solid Surface shower panels.


You can count on Meridian® Solid Surface products to be delivered on time and on budget.

Meridian® Solid Surface Solutions:
Designed with Contractors in Mind

Our Meridian® Solid Surface materials can be installed quickly, saving contractors time and labor costs. With high quality, lasting durability and custom layouts it’s no wonder why so many contractors choose Meridian® Solid Surface.

How Meridian®️️️️ Tile-Patterned Shower Walls Helped a Premier Contracting Firm

Find out how a premier contracting firm in Ohio was able to save time and labor costs with grout-free Meridian® Solid Surface shower walls with a tile texture.

Tile-Patterned Shower Walls

The Benefits of Meridian® Solid Surface


Meridian® Solid Surface is 100% solid, so mold, mildew and bacteria have nowhere to hide.

Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to sealants and scrubbing grout. Meridian® Solid Surface is low maintenance.

Custom Design

Customize your Meridian® Solid Surface to suit any design, layout or accessibility need.


Easy-to-clean solid surface is the hygienic alternative to tile.

Talk to a Meridian® Solid Surface Specialist

Reach out to a member of our team to discuss your project. Whether you opt for our pre-made products or require a custom solution, we’re here for your questions.