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4 Keys to Quality University Shower Design

August 23, 2017

When designing a university shower, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Showers in residence halls receive constant use, so they need to look good, stay clean, and last. Here are a few key things to consider when designing university showers.

1. Your showers need to be safe and clean.

Universities are responsible for the safety of their students while on campus, and this is true when it comes to the residence hall showers. Make sure to design your showers to be well-lit, easily accessible, and properly spaced to avoid trips and falls.

Beyond the initial build of your showers is the ongoing maintenance to keep them safe and clean. Using quality materials that are resistant to mold and mildew, such as solid surface bases and wall panels, can save students from potential health hazards. Furthermore, solid surface won’t crack and create a dangerous environment for students.

2. Your showers need to be properly lit.

We mentioned it above, as it is part of the safety piece, but adequate lighting really is something to keep in mind. Students need to be able to safely access showers, and proper lighting allows them to not only see tripping hazards that may be present but also spot water or other slipping culprits.

An often overlooked area is the shower stall itself. Brightening up this typically darker area can ensure students gain better footing and avoid accidents.

3. Your showers need to be ADA compliant.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is pretty long and detailed, but what it essentially says is that buildings and facilities need to be accessible in terms of design and functionality to individuals with disabilities.

Make sure your showers are designed to provide plenty of maneuvering space. Students with wheelchairs should be able to easily navigate university bathrooms, including the shower stalls themselves. Barrier-free shower bases can be used to create easily accessible showers.

Installing grab bars, accessible seating, hand-held shower heads, and accessory racks are all key elements to keep your university showers ADA compliant.

4. Your showers need to look good.

Let’s face it, perception is everything. So if university showers don’t look clean, students won’t feel clean. Some materials, even when clean, don’t always look clean. Stains and the need for re-grouting can project an image of a less-than-clean shower, so make sure you use a material that provides a naturally clean appearance throughout the life of the product.

University showers are a huge piece of any college student’s experience, and designing quality showers can be a difficult task. Focus on these four keys to make it a little less complicated. Solid surface showers might be the solution for your university project. Call us today at 330-837-2216 or contact us here, and let us help you complete your project without over-complicating it.

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