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Case Study: Solid Surface Shower Walls vs. Tile

Published Feb 8, 2023 3:19:07 PM

How Solid Surface Showers Shaped Like Tile Helped a Premier Contracting Firm

Homestead Construction is a premier contracting firm in Columbus, Ohio. Find out what challenges they faced and how Tower Industries found a solution in customized solid surface tile wall panels.

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Case Study: A Tile Alternative for Showers in Solid Surface Shower Walls

Published Feb 3, 2023 9:37:54 AM

How Solid Surface Showers Reduced Construction Disruption for Families

Nationwide Reality invests heavily in real estate in downtown Columbus. Learn how Tower Industries earned the trust of Nationwide Reality. Working together, they solved their shower problem with solid surface tile wall panels, an alternative to shower tile.

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Topics: Company News, Case Studies