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Your Guide to Toilet Partition Materials

September 20, 2022

What do you look for in the ideal toilet partition material? In this blog, we will compare the best toilet partition materials by focusing on three main contenders: HDPE sheets, stainless steel and Meridian®️ Solid Surface Toilet Partitions. While cost can be a tempting deciding factor, we believe it's equally important to consider durability, ongoing maintenance, privacy, customization and overall aesthetic appeal when selecting the right toilet partition for your project. 

Toilet Partition Materials: Stainless Steel vs. HDPE vs. Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface 

Join us as we delve into the unique features of each material, exploring their advantages and disadvantages. From the rugged resilience of HDPE sheets to the sleek elegance of stainless steel and the unmatched quality of Meridian®️ Solid Surface toilet partitions, we'll present you with all the essential information to help you make an educated choice. 

So, let's roll up our sleeves and dive into the world of toilet partition materials!

Stainless-Steel Toilet Partitions

Stainless-Steel Material

Stainless-steel toilet partitions are a traditional choice for their reputation of high durability and resistance to corrosion, rust and staining. With a lightweight honeycomb core, stainless-steel toilet partitions maintain their structural integrity over time, even in high-traffic areas. Being an alloy to iron, they offer durability, making them a long-lasting option for commercial restrooms. 


Toilet partitions made of stainless steel are designed to withstand rust and corrosion, but it’s important to note that ongoing humidity can damage the stainless steel material over time. While stainless-steel toilet partitions can withstand regular wear and tear, it's important to understand that scratches and stains will come with extended use. This material is not recommended for use where vandalism may occur.    

Hygienic Maintenance 

Maintaining hygiene is easy with stainless-steel partitions as they are easy to clean. However, it is worth noting that stainless steel can show fingerprints and smudges, which may require regular cleaning to maintain its polished appearance. Despite this, stainless steel remains a popular choice.  


Stainless steel partitions offer a relatively straightforward installation process, with the right tools and workers. With their modular design, stainless steel panels can be easily assembled and secured in place. However, it's important to ensure accuracy during installation to maintain the desired level of privacy and aesthetics. 

Customization of Toilet Partition Dimensions  

When it comes to the dimensions, the height, width and layout of stainless-steel toilet partitions are fairly easy to customize. With cutting capabilities, contractors can specify the required dimensions for their stainless-steel toilet partitions.  


Stainless steel toilet partitions require space to accommodate the hardware. This means that there’s often a small gap between panels. While the gap is minimal, when privacy matters, stainless steel shouldn’t be your first choice.   

Aesthetic Appeal  

Stainless-steel toilet partitions have a modern, industrial look. While they are often chosen for their timeless, sleek finish, the look can drastically change with time and wear.  


While stainless steel has a higher cost up front, its durability and longevity make it a cost-effective solution in the long-term.


HDPE Toilet Partitions  

HDPE Material 

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) toilet partitions are a multi-use plastic, made from petroleum. The material is often used to make plastic bottles, piping and composite wood. Large HDPE sheets are commonly used for toilet partitions. 


While HDPE is known to be durable, its surface is not resistant to scratches or stains. It’s also known to be flammable and sensitive to stress cracking. 

Hygienic Maintenance 

While HDPE claims to have antimicrobial properties, its surfaces tend to have a rough texture, which can harbor harmful bacteria. Contrary to stainless steel, HDPE is completely resistant to rust and corrosion. 


HDPE toilet partitions are known for their quick and convenient installation. The lightweight nature of HDPE panels, coupled with their snap-together construction, allows for rapid assembly. This helps streamline the installation process, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency on the job site. 

Customization of Toilet Partition Dimensions  

An HDPE toilet partition is a simple, out-of-the-box solution. If custom is what you’re looking for, it’s best not to choose HDPE toilet partitions.  


Like stainless-steel toilet partitions, HDPE toilet partitions also require space to accommodate the hardware. This small gap between panels does, in fact, reduce privacy.  

Aesthetic Appeal  

When new, HDPE toilet partitions provide a fresh and clean appearance. HDPE is available in a variety of colors, depending on the manufacturer. However, HDPE can be susceptible to graffiti, which can leave hard-to-remove marks on the surface.  


HDPE toilet partitions are the most cost-effective solutions on the market. But, like many products, the quality matches the price.


Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface Toilet Partitions 

Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface Material 

Manufactured by Tower Industries, Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface is a blend of polyester and acrylic resins with natural mineral fillers. 


As the only truly solid surface in the industry, Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface toilet partitions offer lasting durability, proven to hold up to wear and tear in all high traffic areas, including higher education, health care, hospitality and military settings. 

Hygienic Maintenance  

Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface is a non-porous, easy-to-clean, antimicrobial solution. The NSF-certified material can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. 


When it comes to toilet partitions, Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface offers the easiest installation on the market. This includes comprehensive support, detailed instructions and technical assistance. 

Customization of Toilet Partition Dimensions  

Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface can be seamlessly manufactured and molded to any customized dimension. This allows architects and designers to create restroom spaces that meet project requirements, regardless of the layout, height, width or depth. 


When privacy is a concern, Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface delivers the highest level of privacy. Installations feature zero sightlines and seamless dividers for a fully enclosed restroom space.  

Aesthetic Appeal  

Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface toilet partitions offer a satin matte sheen in 8 colors. When scratches and minor damage occur, they can easily be sanded away because of the completely solid surface.  


The cost of Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface toilet partitions varies according to the project. For an accurate estimate, request a quote today. 


The Manufacturer Behind Meridian®️   

Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface materials are manufactured by Tower Industries and have been chosen by designers, contractors and architects for more than 25 years. As a family-owned business, you can trust Tower Industries to get the job done and get it done right. Our proven and trusted sales process ensures your project, no matter what size, will be successful. 


We know materials matter. That’s why experts choose Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface for a surface that is truly solid. We take pride in manufacturing premium products that you won’t find in a big box store. 

On-Time Deliveries 

We know the importance of meeting deadlines and are committed to timely deliveries so you can keep your toilet partition project moving forward. 

Custom Dimensions 

We work closely with our customers at every stage of the process to make sure toilet partition layouts and dimensions fit according to the blueprint. 


When you purchase Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface materials, you support the U.S. economy and give jobs to hardworking families in the states. Additionally, when your products are made in America, it cuts down on the carbon footprint of manufacturing and transportation. 

Start Your Toilet Partition Project

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