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The Best Material for Shower Walls: Solid Surface vs Tile

July 24, 2020

Are you planning a commercial shower installation? Are you unsure if tile is the right option for your project? If you’re looking for a tile alternative, consider Meridian® Solid Surface. In this blog post, we compare the head-to-head benefits of traditional shower tile with a tile alternative, Meridian® Solid Surface shower walls. Continue reading to discover which material is right for your project.  

Which shower material is most durable? 

We’re glad you asked! Tile has a reputation for durability, but the truth is shower bases are porous and can be prone to leaks. While uncommon, it can be frustrating and incredibly expensive to deal with water damage due to showers, and with tile, that’s a reality that is much more likely.  

On the other hand, Meridian® Solid Surface showers offer excellent durability. These showers are made from a 100% solid and nonporous surface material that is designed to be seamless, eliminating the risk of water damage. Furthermore, Meridian® Solid Surface showers are highly resistant to scratches and stains, ensuring the shower remains in pristine condition even after years of use. 

Winner: Meridian® Solid Surface 


Which shower material is more sanitary? 

Because grout is used to affix tiles, over time, there is inevitable breakdown. As the grout deteriorates, bacteria, mold and mildew can form, creating a not-so-clean shower environment.  

If you are sourcing material for showers in a health care facility, there is no material more sanitary than Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface. Solid surface showers, shower bases and tube surrounds have no seams or grout lines, so there is nowhere for bacteria to take hold.  

Winner: Meridian® Solid Surface 


Which shower material is easier to maintain? 

When tile experiences wear and tear, the results are broken down grout, falling tiles and festering mold. If you start to notice any of these signs of wear, you’ll need to re-tile your project or suffer the health and safety consequences. Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface showers are renewable, so they are easier to maintain. When solid surface is scratched, it can be restored with light sanding. 

Winner: Meridian® Solid Surface 


Which shower material is more customizable? 

Both tile and solid surface showers are completely customizable. While you can achieve the exact look and feel you’re looking for with the flexibility of tile, when you choose Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface for your shower material, you can select custom shower components. Other solid surface shower companies may offer you off-the-shelf solutions, but with Meridian®️️️, your entire project will be custom made. 

Winner: draw 


Which shower material is more solid? 

By far, solid surface is more solid than a shower comprised of tile and grout. Our Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface Shower Bases and shower wall panels are 100 percent homogenous and solid to the core. This is important when it comes to durability, maintenance and hygiene.  

It’s important to remember, not all solid surfaces are created equal. Some solid surface companies laminate their shower bases together out of half-inch sheets, but when you choose Meridian® Solid Surface, you’ll receive units that are cast in one piece. 

Winner: Meridian® Solid Surface 


Which show material has less waste? 

With Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface showers, shower parts are cast to the size you need, so there's very little cutoff or waste. Contrary to the water-dependent process used to cut tile, water use is more sparing in solid surface production, so there is less water waste as well. When compared head-to-head with tile, solid surface is the more environmentally friendly choice. 

Winner: Meridian® Solid Surface 


Which shower material has quicker installation?  

Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface provides the quickest installation on the market. With full panels of solid surface shower walls, shower bases and tube surrounds, there’s really no comparison to tile. Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install tile, at a fraction of the cost. Read how we helped a premier contracting firm reduce construction disruption for families in Columbus, Ohio.  

Winner: Meridian® Solid Surface 


Which shower material requires less labor costs? 

If you’ve installed a tile shower, you know how time-consuming it can be to secure each tile in place, grout it and then seal it. All of this labor expense adds up quickly. With Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface, you can get the look of tile, with a lot less labor. When you choose Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface Showers, you can save on labor costs, just like Homestead Construction.  

Winner: Meridian® Solid Surface 


Which shower material has a better warranty? 

We can’t speak the warranty of all solid surfaces, but when you select Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface you’re working directly with the manufacturer, Tower Industries. There is no downtime waiting for distributors, like you might experience when ordering tile. We offer an industry-leading 15-year warranty and one-source accountability, which means a familiar voice on the other end of the phone, faster lead times and more customization capabilities.  

Winner: Meridian® Solid Surface 


Which is the better investment? 

If you’re looking for a high-quality shower that will last, there is no doubt that Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface is the better investment in the long run. During the lifetime of your Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface Shower, you’d likely have to replace your tile two, three or even four times. With Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface, you’ll save significantly in the long term, not only in dollars and cents but also in maintenance headaches, repairs and daily cleaning. 

Winner: Meridian® Solid Surface 


Ready to get started? 

Whether you’re starting a new construction or upgrading your existing tile showers, reach out to an experienced member of our team to get started or get more information about Meridian®️️️️ Solid Surface Showers. Talk to a solid surface specialist. 

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